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Marketing Plan Summary

Sanitarium Weet-Bix

Associate Degree in Business
MKTG 1296 Marketing Principles
Teacher: Zlatko Muhvic
Date: 12/10/

Table of Contents

  • Executive summary
  • Introduction
  • Current Market Situation
  • Company Background
  • Market Overview
  • Segmentation
  • Buyer Behaviour
  • Internal Analysis
  • Marketing Strategies
  • Product Objectives
  • Target Market
  • Positioning
  • Marketing Mix (4ps)
  • Action Program
  • Control Program
  • Conclusion
  • References
  • Appendix A
  • Appendix B
  • Appendix C
  • Appendix D
    • Appendix E
Executive summary

This marketing plan analyses Sanitariums current state in the Australian Cereal Food and Baking mixes market and outlines a new marketing campaign that will promote a new and improved Weet-Bix cereal attracting new users not just the typical Energy-Junkies segment. The main purpose of the marketing campaign is to half the market share gap between Sanitarium and a market leader Kelloggs. It will be achieved by targeting the Healties segment, product improvements and integrated promotion mix.


The purpose of this report is to outline a marketing campaign for Weet-Bix. Data were collected by secondary research and if data were unavailable or inaccessible due to confidentiality an educated guess was used. In the first part report will analyse a current market situation and in the second part will address marketing strategies designed to achieve marketing objectives.

Market Overview
Company Background

Sanitarium is the trading name of two sister food companies; Australian Health and Nutrition Association Ltd and New Zealand Health Association Ltd, owned wholly by the Seventh-Day Adventist Church. In 2010 recorded revenue of $347 million. Its product portfolio include UP&GO liquid breakfast, Light n Tasty wholegrain cereal, Marmite, So Good Soymilk and its flagstaff product Weetbix. Mission statement is, to inspire and resource our community to experience happy, healthy lives (Sanitarium Health Food Company 2012, p.1.) Corporate objectives are to provide healthy food that actively improves our communitys health and well-being, and to offer easy-to- understand nutrition information and practical health advice (Sanitarium Health and Wellbeing 2011)

Definition of the market category

The Weet-Bix product can be put into a sub market of ready-to-eat cereals which is still a major component (roughly 47.5%), of the overall market of Cereal Food and Baking mixes.

Market Size

According to the Market research by ibisworld.com.au, the Cereal Food and Baking mix market in Australia grossed a revenue of approximately $3bn.

Market Potential

Since 2007 Cereals and Baking products have grown by 2%, however signs suggest that growth will greatly increase over the coming years with consumers opting for more healthy options amongst the obesity epidemic.

Market Structure

The ready-to-eat cereals in Australia is an oligopoly market, in the mature life cycle stage and Kelloggs is a market leader.

Source: (Scribd, 2012)


The cereal market of Australia is likely to be impacted by increasing population awareness of healthy eating and obesity epidemic.

Competitor Analysis

In direct competition with Sanitariums Weet-Bix are Kelloggs Nutri-Grain Cereal and Uncle Tobys Plus Range.

Kelloggs is strong commercially as they recorded sales in 2010 of almost 12.4 billion. They have strong tradition in Australian households and are a well-recognised brand. Their major strength is in resources, as they have 17 different countries with manufacturing plants, giving them a broader distribution range and reach across the globe where they distribute to more than 180 countries (Wikinvest.com 2012). Kelloggs has a strong emphasis on maintaining social and environmental responsibility. Kelloggs products are in the higher priced cereal bracket what can be a weakness because it can deter consumers with lower purchasing power.

Uncle Tobys is leading in the oats part of the breakfast cereal market, as it is a well-known and trusted brand in Australian Households. Their manufacturing is based locally enabling them to create and grow customer relationships. This is also a weakness because it has limited them to a local market and they yet have to test markets globally. Current market positioning is presented in the perceptual map.

Sanitarium (^) Uncle Tobys Kelloggs


The cereal market can be segmented into four markets, the Sweet-Tooths, the Healthies, the Body- Watchers and the Energy-Junkies. The Healthies segment is mainly interested in cereals that provide the most nutritional value to improve or maintain their overall wellbeing. The Sweet-Tooth is seeking cereals that have the best taste and this demographic consists of kids between the age of 5- 12. The Body-Watchers segment consists of confident and extremely image conscious women, who are mostly aged between 25 and their late 30s. The Energy Junkies segment enjoy an active lifestyle and

are heavily involved in sports and exercise. Appendix A summarises each of the four segments in the cereal market.

Buyer Behaviour

Cereals fall into the category of variety-seeking buyer behaviour. This involves the consumer having low involvement in the purchase, but there are significant differences between the brands of cereals. The cost of switching between products is low, so it easy for the consumer to switch between brands if they wish to. Lauren Drell states that 85% of women make the purchasing decisions in households (Mashable 2011).

Internal Analysis
Marketing Mix (4ps)

Sanitarium strongly promotes the healthiness of Weet-Bix, targeting athletic boys and young men, who come under the Energy Junkies segment. The main ingredient is wholegrain wheat (97%), and is naturally high in fibre, containing very low levels in salt (0.29%) and sugar (3.3%). Packaging supports reduce/reuse/recycle philosophy that is environmentally benign as much as possible throughout the life cycle. In 2012 price was $4.19 being the cheapest in comparison to major competitors. Promotional strategies include sponsoring sporting teams, events by using sporting celebrities. Sanitarium is using intensive distribution, selling through as many outlets as possible such

as supermarkets, gas stations, and convenience stores. Appendix B provides a snapshot comparing Weet-Bix with two other competitors brands.

b) SWOT Analysis

Strengths: Australias favourite cereal for over 40 years; the only wholegrain cereal brand to be the official breakfast for Australian Soccer team, Socceroos. Weaknesses: Sanitarium products are not so well known for being a delicious tasting cereal. Opportunities: Increased awareness and demand for healthy eating. Threats: Major competitor brands, cereal substitutions because of their instant food nature, and cheaper home brand cereals offered in Coles and Woolworths.

Marketing Strategies
Product Objectives
  1. To half the gap of market share between Sanitarium and Kelloggs from approximately 10% to a 5% gap within a two year time frame.
  2. To become the market leader in cereals for people between the ages of 30 to late 40s
Target Market

The current target market is the younger generation, specifically athletic boys who need a sustainable breakfast to support them throughout the day and at sporting activities. However the mature Healthies market segment, specifically adults aged 30 to late 40s will be targeted. This target market can be divided into two groups: mothers with children and career orientated adults who are concerned with healthy, high quality foods. Mothers will buy products not only for themselves but also for their infants, teenagers and husbands. Career orientated adults generally work around a busy lifestyle, are stereotypically single and earn more than enough to support themselves sufficiently.


In comparison to competitors brands, Weet-Bix shows a high nutritional benefit; however is not as great tasting as the other cereals. The red dotted arrow on the graph shows the desired position.

Product Distribution
Supermarkets 65%
Retail Convenience Stores 20%
Independent Food Stores 10%
Discounters 5%
Marketing Mix
A) Product
Keep with the nutritional values, attributes and features that are in place, but with the introduction
of Omega 3, through microencapsulation. This is the process of adding the particles of a
functional ingredient which will increase the benefit of the product to the consumer, yet masking
the flavour from these functional ingredients without the consumer tasting that it is there, (Glenis
Heath, Heather McKenzie, Laurel Tully, 2011). Introduce a new luxury feel packaging, with a
more designer style in the aim of our target segment of adults, so that the package portrays a
more high classed and adult-type meal. Introduce a zip lock bag inside of the box, instead of
the traditional bag which is either cut or ripped open; this is aimed to keep the Weet-Bix fresher
and more appealing for a longer period of time.
B) Price
Pricing strategy will be based on Market-Penetration pricing, aiming to attract a large number of
new buyers in the market. The lower prices will apply to the new Weet-Bix original bites and the
Weet-Bix flavoured products in the original size; they will be 20 cents cheaper than the traditional
sized Weet-Bix, which will result in them being more attractive to current and potential
consumers. The lower prices aim to try and gain as large a market share as possible during the
first 6 months and during the next 18 months the price of the Weet-Bix original bites and Weet-
Bix flavoured products in the original size, will be raised the 20 cents and become the same price
as the traditional Weet-Bix originals.
C) Placement

Main distribution will be to supermarkets as they record the largest amount of sales to achieve the product objective of increasing market share.

D) Promotion
The promotional strategies are aiming specified target markets of parents with children and career
orientated adults. As the majority of these targets, have busy lives, they will need continuous
exposure in several different ways; firstly make them aware of the new product, secondly
convince them to try the product and finally to keep them wanting to purchase Weet-Bix
regularly. By constant advertising and promotional prizes and giveaways there is high probability
the target market will become regular Weet-Bix consumers. Appendix C shows the promotional
schedule for the year 2013 and the details of the advertisement sources used.
Action Program
The action program Appendix D developed in line with the marketing plan highlights actions
and events that are planned as part of a new line of products and improvements to the Weet-Bix
brand. Each action is accompanied by what the objectives are, who is responsible, when it will
take place and the budget allocated. Appendix E can give much more detailed financing
Control Program
A control plan is the monitoring and evaluating of those marketing implementations
discussed in the action plan. The control plan is used to allow fast reaction and fixes
without delay when problems incur (see Appendix D)

Weet-Bix is currently trailing the market leader in the Cereal Food and Baking mixes market.

This report outlined marketing strategies that will improve Weet-Bix market positioning and

gain market share.

Word count 164 7


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Appendix A Summary of market segments

(Scribd, 2012)

Components Sweet-tooths Healthies Body-watchers Energy junkies


Benefit sought

Sweet and tasty
breakfast meal
Fulfilling daily
Lose and maintain
Energy for daily
activities and

Knowledge of product

Medium to High High High Medium to High

Usage rate

Low to medium
(Breakfast &
Low (Breakfast)
(Breakfast &
Low (Breakfast)

Loyalty status Medium^ Medium to High^ Low to Medium^ Low to Medium^

Price sensitivity Low Low Low to Medium Low to Medium

Occasion consumption

Breakfast &
snacks Breakfast^
Breakfast &
snacks Breakfast^

Demographic: income

Low to medium Medium to High Medium to High Medium

Life-cycle stage Children Adults/Mature Urban Woman Growing Kids/ Young adults

Age 5 to 12 30’s to 40’s 25 to late 30’s 12 to 25

Psychographic: Lifestyle Care-free^ Settled/healthy^ Urban/modern^ Active/sporty^

Values Fun/outgoing Health-conscious Modern/confident Energetic/outgoing

Involvement Low High High Medium


Coco pops,
Frosted flakes
The Guardian,
Uncle Toby's
Kellogg's Special
K, Sanitarium
light 'n' tasty
Nutri-grain, Uncle
Toby's plus, Weet-
Bix, Milo energy
Appendix B Competitors brands comparison
Components Nutri-Grain Uncle Toby's Sanitarium
Price (AUD) $4.98 $4.99 $4.
Nutri-Grain Sports lift, Protein
Multi-grain, oats
& barley
Place Mid-Shelf Mid-Shelf Lower-Mid Shelf
Weight 345 grams^ 460 grams^ 750 grams^
Iron man food, for
growing boys who
need protein, iron
& calcium for
growth and
Has real plump
fruit, nuts and
nutritious whole
Appendix A
REAL Plus in
your morning
breakfast for over
40 years : The
breakfast of
High level of
protein, iron &
calcium from
corn, oat & wheat.
Brown (Iron)
packaging colour
High level of
protein, iron & B
group vitamins.
Rich source of
iron essential for
carrying oxygen
to energise active
97% wheat, rich
source of fibre.
Very low in sugar
& salt
Iron-Man Series.
Official Sponsor
of the NRL
Swim, Survive,
Stay alive
endorsers include
Grant Hackett &
Emily Seebohm
Weet-Bix Kids
Official Sponsor
of the Socceroos
Appendix C: Promotion Schedule
The Tryathlons are held annually between January and May in the major cities around Australia, these include the Central Coast,
Sydney, Canberra, Bendigo, Melbourne, Geelong, Adelaide, Perth, Logan, Caboolture and Townsville. (Sanitarium 2012)

Promotional Mix 2nd Jan-Mar Apr-Jun July-Sept Oct-Dec

Personal Selling
Making the Australian Public
and Retailers aware of the
new product sizes and
nutritional value
Radio Slots
Ads will be run between 7
and 9 O'clock each morning
and between 4 and 6 Oclock
each night during the week
Ads will start up again and
be run between 7 and 9
O'clock, each morning and
between 4 and 6 Oclock
each night during the week,
so that the price increase is
countered by constant
Tevelvision Slots
As in keeping with previous
years, commercials will be
run during Australia's
summer of cricket and during
the A-League season as we
remain sponsors for them
each respectively, promoting
the new products
New set of commercials to
be aired between 7 and 9
O'clock each morning during
weekdays and nights, as
these are the most
opportunistic times, that are
target market will see the
The Australian summer of
cricket and the A-League
start up so again, so new
commercials would be aired
in accordance with them


Our main aim here is to target
mature women and men, so
we will have ads in womens
magazines such as the
Women's Weekly, also car
and sport magazines for the
Continue ads in Women's
Weekly as well as the cars
and sports magazines, but
also have ads in AFL and
NRL records, which are
purchased when going to a
We will offer a free Donna
Hay, an Australian Chef
weekly magazines with
healthy food recipes, with
every purchase of 3 Weet-
Bix products
Strong advertisements in the
Herald Sun and The Age
newspapers, with a large
focus on the weekend
Sample Distribution
We will offer for the first
month offer a buy 1 Weet-
Bix product get the second
one free
We will offer a buy 2 get and
extra 1 free, in an attempt to
increase the amount of sales
For the month of December
we will again run the buy 2
products and get an extra 1
Public Relations
The Weet-Bix Tryathlons
will be held around the
country, but will be changed
to Kids and Parents, so it is
not just for kids. It will
encourage increased
participation and awareness
for out target markets
The Weet-Bix Tryathlons
will be held around the
country, but will be changed
to Kids and Parents, so it is
not just for kids. It will
encourage increased
participation and awareness
for out target markets
We will run monthly
competitions where cash and
fitness gear prizes can be
won, conducted on the Weet-
Bix official Website, with
coupons included in the
packaging with a code that
you enter for a chance to win
We will run monthly
competitions where cash and
fitness gear prizes can be
won, conducted on the Weet-
Bix official Website, with
coupons included in the
packaging with a code that
you enter for a chance to win
We will run monthly
competitions where cash and
fitness gear prizes can be
won, conducted on the Weet-
Bix official Website, with
coupons included in the
packaging with a code that
you enter for a chance to win
As well as the monthly
prizes, we will run a
competition over Facebook,
Twitter and Instagram and
the Weet-Bix website,
where a person uploads a
picture of themselves with a
new Weet-Bix product to
win a trip around Australia
Larger Bill-Boards in the
capital cities around the
country and posters in
shopping complexes in
almost all other cities/towns
Larger Bill-Boards in the
capital cities around the
country and posters in
shopping complexes in
almost all other cities/towns
Appendix D Action plan
Action Program – Sanitarium Weet-Bix
Action Objectives Responsibility Deadline Budget

Product launches and updates Introduction of omega 3 through microencapsulation, adding further nutritional value to weet-bix products.

  • To increase nutritional value of the product therefore increasing value for money and the targeted ages.
Research &
1 st December
2012 (deadline)
Launch: 2nd
January 2013

New luxury feel added to packaging with weet- bix being stored in a zip lock bag.

  • New design will be aimed at a higher- class, adult type meal, increasing targeted ages.
Design: 1st
December 2012
Launch: 2nd
January 2013

Introduction of bite- sized flavours to standard sized weet-bix, such as honey flavour.

  • To increase sales and half the gap of market share between Sanitarium and Kelloggs.
Research &
Launch: 2nd
January 2013

Introduction of bite- sized original flavoured weet-bix.

  • To increase sales and half the gap of market share between Sanitarium and Kelloggs.
Research &
Launch: 2 nd
January 2013

Promotions and advertising

Social media promotions

  • competitions for followers.
    • Increase market share and brand image.
Social Media Head
and Manager
January 2013 
October 2013 Low^

New billboards and ads introduced into magazines, TV and radio.

  • Increase market share and brand image.
2 nd January 2013
  • September 2013 High^

Weet-bixs TRYathlon changed to include both kids and parents.

  • Increase share of market in 35 yr old plus range as parents can enter with their kids.
Research &
2 nd January 2013
  • June 2013 Low^

Donna Hay free weekly magazine with purchase

  • Increase share of market in 35 yr old plus range as women will have an incentive to purchase in bulk.
July 2013 
September 2013 Low^

Communicate the nutritional value and

  • Encourage more consumers to
Public Relations
2 nd January 2013
  • March 2013

new product sizes to the Australian public and retailers.

purchase the product
as it has increased in
variety and
nutritional value.

Control and Monitoring

Weekly check-ups in regards to budget cost and actual cost.

To ensure no excess
money is being spent
leading to inefficiency
and wastage
2 nd January 2013
onwards (weekly

Biyearly ratings checks to evaluate the effectiveness of the marketing plan

To evaluate the
effectiveness of the
marketing plan and to
determine the whether it
is making a difference
2 nd January 2013

Public marketing surveys every 3 months.

Evaluate public awareness
of the marketing plan.
Department, Head
of brand
2 nd January 2013
(quarterly checks)

Yearly evaluations to reassess the marketing plan.

To ascertain whether any
changes need to be made
with the marketing plan.
2 nd January 2014
onwards (yearly)
Appendix E

Marketing/Promotion (^2013 ) New billboards and ads introduced into magazines, TV and radio $1,800,000.00 $1,700,000. Social Media promotions – competitions for followers $180,000.00 $190,000. Weet-Bix’s Tryathlon changed to inlcude both kids and parents (^) $70,000.00 $65,000. Donna hay, free weekly magazine with purchase (^) $150,000.00 $170,000. Communicate nutritional value and new product sizes to the Australian public and retailers (^) $200,000.00 $180,000. Other (^) $80,000.00 $90,000.


Totals (^) $2,480,000.00 $2,395,000.

Other Promotions

Research (^) $550,000.00^ $600,000.^ Administration (^) $ 220,000.00 $230,000. End Total (^) $ 3,250,000.00 $ 3,225,000.


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